Marketing suite, looks also matters

February 2015. If on the one hand the economic crisis changed the market and redesigned the business model, on the other hand innovation, attractiveness and speed are the new marketing strategies keywords. It is now essential to involve those factors in the contents because, despite the past, communication changed from “push” to “pull” and the client becomes an active subject that makes conscious choices. This is the background of the most recent Studio Muzi & Associati’s challenge: the marketing suite. The “marketing suite “ is a real fast communication strategy oriented towards the client, a temporary setting up intervention on interior design in order to increase the value of a real estate and bring out its strengths. Studio Muzi invests in its professionals’ creative a technical skills to highlight the propertie’s features, potential and flexibility of use. Our “focus services” will be developped from vendor due diligence, technical and administrative advice, photorealistic rendering, to furnishings setting up and works valuation. We are now working on staging our idea and projects in a historical building in Rome city centre, the “Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali” in Piazza Venezia … stay tuned!