Invitation to Palace

April 2015. Studio Muzi & Associati is involved in the restoration of palaces telling different ages variations and holding works of priceless artistic value. Just like the case of the recent redevelopment and restructuring of Palazzo “De Carolis” Unicredit Presidency, in “via del Corso”, Rome. Thanks to the sensitivity and respect used by the players while approaching the subject, from the ” Sovrintendenza Statale” to the client Bank, it was possible to increase and enrich Unicredit heritage’s artworks and valuable books exhibition spaces. We made a narrow technical area of the main floor, once occupied by technical plants and Presidency Secretariat’s service area, into a new art gallery, which could be the not preexisting junction between two executive areas of the Palace, the Presidency’s offices and the ones on “via del Collegio Romano”.
The actual junction between the two areas of the Palace is mainly an imaginary trait d’union between art periods because of the commission from the Bank to Giuseppe Caccavale to paint a piece in the Gallery: “Un daccapo”, an old-way made fresco-graffiti created with the help of cfraftsmen-artists: lime, river sands and pigments. The subject of the fresco, hold dear topic to Caccavale, is the handwriting architecture, the characters of writing, which he elevates to a new comeback to art essence, with an awareness that seems lost nowdays: “andare daccapo” indeed, that means begin a new line and start a new flow.