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Best toilets in the world are at Fiumicino Airport, a concept from SM&A

Best toilets in the world are at Fiumicino Airport, a concept from SM&A

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July 2018 – The British edition of Business Insider enhances the “clever and elegant design” of the toilets of the roman airport, a concept realized by Studio Muzi & Associati.

The space planning, the accurate selection of finishing materials and the design functionality have so deeply impressed the Business Insider’s reporter that states in his article: ” i could not believe I was in an airport – I had the feeling to be in a luxury sushi restaurant”.

The concept, winner of the international competition for the construction of new toilets at Fiumicino airport, was to think a sensory space for passengers, an emotional habitat, endowed with environmental comfort and, at the same time, of a cutting-edge technology.

The use of the excellence of Italian design, combined with a careful consideration for functional aspects integrated into the architectural project, led to the creation of a high quality “service space” both in architectural and performance quality. Unusual aspects to find combined in service areas, especially in airports.

The design commitment of Studio Muzi & Associati, from concept development to the realization of the pilot projects, has contributed to achieve a “sense of place” capable to combine, reconcile and make living together the global dimension, associated with flight experience with a more intimate sense of welcome, associated with a comfortable domestic dimension.