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Project of a new family home


March 2017 – The collaboration between Studio Muzi & Associati and the SOS Children’s Village in Rome continues. SOS Village is a non-profit organization that currently hosts over thirty children and young people entrusted to the care of extraordinary educators who, day after day, help them overcome their conditions of serious discomfort.

Studio Muzi & Associati has designed, free of charge, the integrated project of a new house of approx. 300 square meters, which will be added to the eight existing in the village. The new building is intended to accommodate children who have reached the age of majority would have no other option but return to a disadvantaged and often degraded family context.

The project, functional and sustainable, was developed within Studio Muzi that was able to count on the precious and generous collaboration of its consultants and friends, among whom we mention Pangea Studio, Renato Vita, Daniele Frasson and Gianmarco Lucioli. Our gratitude goes to all of them.