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Marketing suite, even the eye want its part

February 2015. While the crisis has changed the market and redesigned the business model, on the other, innovation, attractiveness and speed are the key words of the new strategic marketing initiatives. T

he imperative now is to create involvement through these factors because, unlike the past, the communication from “push” has become “pull” and the customer becomes an active subject that makes conscious choices.Precisely in this context fits the latest challenge of Studio Muzi & Associati: the marketing suite.

The marketing suite is a real “rapid” communication strategy aimed at the customer, a temporary set-up of interior spaces aimed at enhancing real estate and its strengths.Studio Muzi invests on the creative and technical skills of its professionals to enhance the characteristics of the property, its potential and flexibility of use.

Our “focus services” are developed through vendor due diligence, technical-administrative support, layout proposals, photorealistic renderings, furnishing of furnishings and estimate of interventions. We are currently engaged in “staging” our ideas and projects in a historic building, right in the center of Rome, the Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali in Piazza Venezia … stay tuned!